University of Guelph
SCC Testing Device Trial

How Accurate are Dairy Quality Inc.'s Milk Testing Products? 

University of Guelph, Laboratory Services Division evaluated 3 portable somatic cell counters (SCC) counters, the Dairy Quality Quick SCC, the Dairy Quality RT10 Platinum (recently renamed Dairy Health Check), and the DeLaval Cell Counter (DCC), compared to Foss Analytical Fossomatic™ cell counter using 145 fresh natural and spiked SCC levels bovine milk samples with SCC values up to 6,000,000 cells/ml.

Find out the average SCC values for each device for the samples up to 3,000,000 cells/ml.

And, which device is the best for determining accurate SCC—with good repeatability and agreement with the Fossomatic—in the range of 0–800,000 cells/ml.

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